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I thank you and will be forever grateful

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Dear Mark,

The year was 2007, I was 68 years old and retired from the apparel company that I founded 5 years prior. When I received a letter inviting me to be a part of the Neo Think Society, Having two children in High school and being divorced and facing child support and college expenses. Most of all just not ready to be sent off to the pasture. I was overweight by 30 Lbs. and had high blood pressure and well as high cholesterol levels, not to mention down in spirits. Fortunately I took advantage of your offer and got the first of the heirlooms, read and was motivated to purchase the second, intrigued and inspired by reading both publications. Miss Annabelle’s story put me over the top in visualizing the picture puzzle and getting the pieces put together.

I am now 70 years old and have lost the 30 Lbs, off of all medication, including acid reflex pills. I feel better than I did in my 40′s and am riding my bike 30 miles twice a week and am the happiest that I have ever been. I have been offered a position of senior management in China and will be leaving as soon as the work visa comes through. The power thinking has opened up so may doors, and has expanded my life to extraordinarily new levels.

I thank you and will be forever grateful. I am looking forward to bringing my family and friends into the fold and working in China to expose as many friends and folks to the Neo Think way of life.

Myself and my family sincerely thank you,

Raymond C
Marietta, GA


  1. Wow, Raymond! That is great to hear! I would love to know how that works out for you and your business. What an inspiration Mark Hamilton and his literature has done for us! Keep up the good work!

    Your fellow Neothinker;
    Adam H.

    Comment by Adam Huntley — December 10, 2009 @ 2:26 pm

  2. Super, Raymond. I think it is great that Mark Hamilton gave you a second lease on life. His manuscripts inspire all of us in the Neothink® Society.

    Another fellow Neothinker
    Bruce Heth

    Comment by Bruce Heth — December 14, 2009 @ 2:09 pm

  3. Raymond, I have been reading Neothink books since the 80s and I am now 80 years old. Not on any medicine and in good health. Mark Hamilton is taking us, all of us, into a happy and prosperous world. We will be self-leaders who do not follow external authorities. Thank you for your post. I am encouraged by it.

    Comment by Kay Samalin — December 17, 2009 @ 9:31 am

  4. Dear Raymond,
    I am so happy you had enough life spark to respond to Mark Hamilton’s writings, and actually generate a brand new life, and in a foreign country also. I think the members of this Neothink Society feel similarly about its value, life changing, and also support the Twelve Visions Party for the same reasons.
    The Prime Law will help to create peace and safety like no other, and usher in a true civilization that fosters human evolution and happiness. Bon Voyage…
    Love, Lila Bennett

    Comment by Lila Bennett — December 18, 2009 @ 1:13 am

  5. Dear Raymond C.:

    Wow, I am impressed. Some lady will be fortunate to meet you! Here is why I believe this:
    “I am now 70 years old and have lost the 30 Lbs, off of all medication, including acid reflex pills. I feel better than I did in my 40’s and am riding my bike 30 miles twice a week and am the happiest that I have ever been. I have been offered a position of senior management in China and will be leaving as soon as the work visa comes through. The power thinking has opened up so many doors, and has expanded my life to extraordinarily new levels.”
    A woman loves to find a man who is secure in who he is, loves what he does, comes home to share his happiness with her as they celebrate passion together. The song “Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man!” comes to mind when I think about your post! I hope you stay in touch when you get to China so we know how many lives you touch with Neothink®.

    We are so fortunate to have been introduced to Mark Hamilton, founder of the Neothink Society® and the Twelve Visions Party® found at In case you have missed it, since you are one of the many bright Young Men who have found greater opportunity abroad, be sure to get a copy of “Wealth, Health, Peace” by calling 1-888-859-6859.

    To make sure your membership is kept up to date while traveling, call 1-800-480-2336 to locate a Clubhouse. Feel free to follow me to Facebook at

    Catch a hug Sharp NT Man!
    Jill Reed

    Comment by Jill Reed — December 23, 2009 @ 1:30 pm

  6. Hello Raymond,

    More thoughts on why you will turn heads… you have a great mind and you are taking this self-leader system to other parts of the world that want the same thing we do. Pure love, integrated honesty, wealth and freedom another’s control is what we seek, in the form of happiness! Please deliver Wealth, Health, Peace “The Most Ambitious Get-Rich Program For the Masses…In the History of Mankind! to the great people in the Orient our fellow member. Call 1-888-859-6859 and order many copies to share.

    Please join us at find me. Also, the new political party founded by Mark Hamilton, the Twelve Visions Party® found at should be shared with our Nation and others. We will set the world free from initiatory force by integrating the Prime Law into our personal lives, one-by-one. Hugs! Jill

    Comment by Jill Reed — December 26, 2009 @ 9:47 pm

  7. Raymond,

    What a beautiful story you have shared with all of us! The Self-Leader System has helped so many people, myself included, to achieve all of our dreams and aspirations!

    Well done my friend!!

    Comment by Cate — January 8, 2010 @ 7:29 pm

  8. Raymond, What a wonderful story. Thankyou for shareing that. I feel very happy for you. Mark Hamilton will help change many more lives. Russel

    Comment by Russel Creamer — March 14, 2010 @ 8:41 am

  9. We here On Earl Avenue had found more meaning in life of what is most important, and here we build eacha nd every day of the most critical points to be validated by each and every one of the humans in Neothink Society, and it is perfect to be a mentor. As the sun rises in the east each and every day and sets in the west each and every day so will the influences of great enormous power and knowledge of teh wonderous wealths of the Earth as luck so sides with us our familys and all of those around us and all of those in neothink society you can feel the power grow and yyou can feel the unlimited potentials of being in the Neothink Society the greatest of all Societies the global will ever had known for the time, effort, and energy that we had displaced into everything that we had studied and worked on and contemplated in thought hasn’t meandered in some empty field, it sits atop of each brain, it sits atop of each and every montain that is owned by the god man and the god woman. And now we can fully access and utilize the awesome powers for the benefits of true good intentions and for the honest rational thinkers are great and awesome social sociiety has become. The unbelievable amount of ability to be able to create has even preplexed my own genius father as he is also a great man indeed as is my love Terri, when they listen and as they had help me grow to reach a platform of infinate knowldge and the ability to contemplate and adjust to each and every setting, power is uniform to those that have the greast wealth of knowledge and wealth is sure to come as pandoras box is open for good collecting every element for our needs to grow more eacha nd every day like the super senstational super computers.
    At god man and god woman speed and in the speed of light, thanks.
    From:Terri& Patrick in Joliet, Illinois

    Comment by Patrick B. Rasmusson — December 22, 2011 @ 12:05 am

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