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To Hamilton and all members,

My name is Rosa L.  from Benson, Arizon. I was never encouraged to read growing up because of my dysfunctional upbring. My huband Jim was called back to work for a few months. About 3 months or so after my husband was back at work I received my first book. By this time we were in extreme financial bind. There were arguments and horrible fights of whom was at fault all the time. My husband’s boss was controlling our financial life.When I realized this was happening I knew that I was had to remove my myself from the situation as my blood pressure was high. My dear husband still maintained going to work with a positive attitude. Miss Annabelle comes into my life. I started reading to escape my problem and not to fight with my husband. I went to Miss Annabelle’s world. It caught my attention as I wasn’t a reader. I started reading as much as I could and slowly noticed I was reading faster then ever. My memory was improving as I kept reading Miss Annabelle’s story. I was becoming more calm and not afraid anymore. My relationship with my husband started to improve slowly. I lost 55 lbs from not eating and stress. When I was in Miss Annebelle’s world I didn’t have any problems, It felt good!

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  1. I noticed I was in a stagnant period of my life and I have been rereading Neothink Society once again. Which I do from time to time,I was really into Tracy Alexander, Break Through to Enlightment when I realized some of my frustration have to do which my present situation in life. I have been taking notes to try and get others to understand. As far as religion goes I have to agree with Tracy as I have gone thru similar trials in life but now I have some other ideas to focus on. Thank you. Jacqueline

    Comment by Jacqueline Howard — April 9, 2014 @ 9:34 am

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